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10 Things You Need to Know Before Planning Your Wedding

10 Things You Need to Know Before Planning Your Wedding

With so many couples getting engaged over the holidays and a lot more engagements coming up with Valentine’s Day there are 10 things you need to know before planning your wedding. Below are my top ten tips that will put you a step above the rest and make wedding vendors want to work with you!

10 things you need to know before planning your wedding

“Hiring a vendor just because their price is right is not a good reason to work with them.”

1. Determine your planning team – Decide if it will be the two of you, if your family will be involved or if your bridesmaids/men, groomsmen/women will be assisting in some way or if you need/want the help of a professional planner/wedding coordinator. Knowing who your planning team will be will help you determine who will be responsible for what.

2. Set Expectations – Whether you’re doing all of the planning or your family will be involved it’s important that you let them know what your plans are and set expectations with them of what your wedding will be like. Doing this will keep everyone on the same page and help you avoid surprises and hurt feelings on the big day.

3. Know Your Wedding date – even if you don’t know the exact date you want to tie the knot having a general idea of the season/month you want to get married will be super helpful when reaching out to potential vendors (this will be, or at least it should be, their first question if you haven’t provided this info in your initial inquiry).

4. Choose Vendors that You Trust – The average couple spends approximately 18 months planning their wedding – that’s a year and a half that you’ll be working with some of the vendors that will be involved in your wedding day. I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire vendors that you like and trust. Hiring a vendor just because their price is right is not a good reason to work with them. Hiring your wedding vendors is sort of like choosing your spouse. Hopefully, you wouldn’t agree to marry someone you didn’t know or trust so why would you agree to work with someone on one of the most important days in your journey as a couple with someone you don’t know/feel comfortable with or confident in their services?

5. Patience is a Virtue – Contrary to popular belief in this day and age of instant gratification, not everything happens instantaneously. Keeping the phrase: good things take time in mind will behoove you more than I can say in the wedding planning experience. Treat all of your vendors, friends, family, wedding party, etc. with kindness. Respect your vendors’ business hours and personal boundaries. Aside from being a wedding vendor, a bridesmaid or groomsmen, everyone is a human being with personal lives and responsibilities.

“Traditions exist for a reason but no one ever said that they’re mandatory.”

6. Your Wedding is About Both of You – I’d like to think I wouldn’t have to include this tip but it’s easy for one or both of you to get caught up in the planning and what you want. Your wedding is about two people coming together, united as one for the rest of your lives and your celebration should reflect who you are as a couple. Don’t compare your wedding celebration to your friends’ weddings, what you see on Pinterest, and what your friends and family are telling you you need to do – you do you and don’t apologize. If you want to serve pizza at your wedding because that’s what you ate on your first date DO IT!

7. Let It Go – All I can hear is Idina Menzel singing when I type this, aside from the lyrical melody floating around in my head it’s true! Don’t sweat the small stuff and let it go. As soon as your wedding day is in progress, you’ll have this ‘ah-ha’ moment wherein retrospect you’ll see which decisions were a big deal and which were nothing to worry about the whole time. Listen to your wedding vendors who already have the hindsight to know what to prioritize and emphasize versus what not to fret about.

8. Skip It – Traditions exist for a reason but no one ever said (that I know of) that they’re mandatory. If you don’t like the idea of all eyes on you for a first dance then don’t do it. This sort of goes back to tip #5 – your wedding celebration is a reflection of you as a couple – do what makes (both) of you happy and comfortable.

9. Unplug – If all of your family and friends are in one place on your wedding day then who the heck would you need to call? Especially if you have a Day of Coordinator there’s no need to have your phone with you at your wedding. I encourage all of my couples to unplug, Don’t worry about documenting your day for IG, that’s why you’ve hired a photographer and videographer and you can do it after the fact. Don’t worry it’s really happening even if you’re not posting in the moment.

10. Not Everything Costs Money – Often the most memorable moments for you and your guests won’t be the items that cost you to purchase or rent them. Things like personally written vows, your beaming smiles at the altar, or heartfelt thank you speeches, all of which are free, are what will give you and your guests the feels and memories to last a lifetime.

So, there you have it, the top 10 things you need to know before planning your wedding. I know it’s tempting to dive right in but if you keep these in mind it will save you a lot of unnecessary stress in the long run. Happy planning!

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