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3 Tips for Serving Lobster at Your Maine Wedding

When people think of Maine they often think of lobster, and rightfully so! While this tasty crustacean is a personal food favorite it’s not always all that it’s cracked up to be at a wedding. Lots of people like lobster (and those that don’t I just don’t understand) but not everyone has ever processed a whole lobster, which for some can be a cool or horrifying experience. So, if you’re set on having a true Maine experience here are 3 tips for serving lobster at your wedding to ensure everyone has a crackin’ good time (see what I did there?)!

3 tips for serving lobster

3 Tips for Serving Lobster at Your Wedding

A whole lobster looks impressive and classy on a plate, however, the elegance stops there. Whole shell lobster can be quite messy and time consuming to eat, especially if your guests are unfamiliar with it. If you can’t get over the idea of serving a whole shell lobster at your wedding make sure you provide guests with a bib (not joking – no one wants to be smelling like lobster juice at your reception), a nutcracker (an essential if you’re serving hard shells), a small dish with melted butter and a lemon wedge, and a tray. I would actually venture so far as to recommend serving the lobster in a tray. Fresh steamed lobster is full of liquid, which drips out as soon as you start to crack into it, and a tray is a great receptacle for catching that liquid and lobster shells.

Consider serving a partial lobster, such as the tail. This is an elegant alternative to the whole lobster scenario. Something to keep in mind is that lobster tails may cost more to serve, due to the labor required to prepare the tail, and lobster in and of itself, is not that filling.

An excellent (and less messy) way to serve lobster at your wedding is in the form of an iconic Maine Lobster Roll. Why not kick up this classic way to serve lobster by having it served via a food truck, such as The Highroller Lobster Company?

So, to recap: If you’re serving lobster at your Maine wedding make sure you have the proper accessories for processing whole lobster (bib, nutcracker, tray), consider serving only a partial lobster, serve lobster rolls instead of in-the-shell lobster.

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