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8 Ways to Stay Organized at Your Wedding Rehearsal

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The wedding rehearsal can sometimes be more stressful than the actual wedding  day itself – but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some easy ways to stay organized at your wedding rehearsal ( number 9 is my favorite 😉!)

8 Ways to Stay Organized at Your Wedding Rehearsal

  1. Make a Checklist of People – include everyone you want at the wedding rehearsal, from parents and attendants, to flower girls and ring bearers. Don’t forget to include yourselves and the officiant!
  2. Name Tags – if you have a large wedding party and/or lots of family members in attendance, name tags make it easier for everyone to get to know one another.
  3. Processional Order – type (and print out) a processional order. Include all wedding party members and honored family members. Don’t forget to include yourself  and the officiant in the order!
  4. Music – pre-select all your processional, ceremony and recessional music.
  5. Ipod & Speakers – if your DJ or musicians won’t be present for the wedding rehearsal, and you want to practice walking down the aisle to music, make sure you have a way to play your processional songs and amplify them.
  6. Stopwatch – if you want your attendants and family’s entrances to timeout perfectly with your music then you’ll need to clock it. A stopwatch makes it so much easier!
  7. Recessional Order – just like the processional order, type and print out your recessional order. Hint: the recessional order is usually the reverse of the processional, except you walk up the aisle with your new spouse!
  8. Hire a Day of Coordinator – of course the easiest way to stay organized is by hiring a Day of Coordinator! They will make sure all of the above ideas are implemented, all you’ll have to do on your rehearsal day is show up!

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Elizabeth’s Note: This article was originally published December 2016 but I’ve learned a few things since then. So, I figured why not update these helpful tips?


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