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9 Questions Newly Engaged Couple Receive (Answers Included!)

First you had everyone asking when was he going to propose. Now that he has, you have everyone asking

How did proposed?
When is the wedding?
Where is the wedding?

and every other detail you can think of (and some you hadn’t even thought of) associated with THE day.

A bombardment of questions can get a bit overwhelming. Here’s a list of the top questions newly engaged couples typically receive throughout the engagement period. Read up and good luck!

Questions engaged couples receive

9 Questions Engaged Couples Receive

Can I see your ring?
Since engagement rings are such an iconic symbol in American culture it’s only natural, and makes sense, that most people want to see that gem up close. Now is the time to curb that nail-biting habit and maybe even get a manicure. Some improper admirers might ask, “How many carats is that?” Don’t feel obligated to reply, just shrug and change the subject.

How did he propose?
Some people ask this question to be polite and others ask it because they’re genuinely interested. I suggest that you compose two versions of the story: one that covers all the details for those that are truly interested, and a short summary for others. I don’t recommend that you memorize either version as it will come off more as a pitch than a retelling of a very memorable moment of your life.

Have You Chosen a Date?
Most of us can’t help but ask if you’ve picked your date immediately after the proposal, it’s a very logical and natural question. Even those of us that are married, and know choosing a date is very much dependent on choosing a venue and that takes some legwork, can’t help but ask this question. There is no pressure to answer this question. Keep your reply sweet and simple by alluding to the desired season or year.

Have you picked your colors/dress/flowers?
Unless you’ve been adding to the My Dream Wedding Pinterest board (and even those initial likes and ideas will evolve with your planning), chances are, your early wedding vision is all over the place. A great response is to talk about the feeling and mood of your wedding as opposed to the look.

Who are you inviting?
What this question, is really asking is whether this person is invited. If they’re a definite invite, allude that you’re working on save-the-dates, but if you are a bit more selective, it’s ok to say that you’re keeping it small (hint-hint!).

Are you having a bachelor/ette party?
Whether you have a crazy bachelor/ette weekend or a more low-key getaway with a few close friends, no need to go into all the details. After all, you’re not the one planning it (hopefully!).

Where is the honeymoon?
Not everyone takes a honeymoon immediately after the wedding. If that’s the case, say that you’re planning a trip after the wedding, when you both can fully enjoy it. Otherwise, go ahead and brainstorm destinations and let them know of possible locations you’re considering. You might get some useful advice, like when to avoid a Caribbean island because of the rainy season.

Are you changing your name?
Taking on your husband’s last name is no longer the norm. You don’t have to justify if you decide to keep your maiden name. A simple, “yes” or “no” gets right to the point.

Are you going to have a baby right away, or wait?
For some reason, people close to you—especially older relatives—think it’s completely normal to pry into your future plans. Even though this inquiry may induce an unplanned eye-roll from you and your fiancé realize that the person asking the question means well, even if they’re nosy (they probably don’t think they’re being nosy). Politely reverse the question and ask when they started considering having children.


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