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9 Things NOT to do at Your Wedding

Do you want to enjoy and relish in every moment of your wedding day? Do you want it to be memorable for both you and your guests (in a good way)? Then read on to find out 9 things you should not do at your wedding.

9 Things not to do at your wedding

Skip Meals / Dehydrate Yourself

Your wedding day is exciting but can also be stressful (of course it can be less stress with a Day of Coordinator!). Despite the nerves, excitement and whatever other emotion you’re experiencing on your wedding day, remember to eat and keep hydrated. There is nothing worse than a hangry bride or groom, or worse yet, a fainting bride or groom at the altar.

Wear Painful Shoes

I get it, you want to look fabulous, head-to-toe on your wedding day but I strongly encourage you to wear shoes that look great but more importantly, are comfortable! Even though you may love the way your shoes look, chances are, especially if you’re wearing a long wedding dress, people aren’t going to notice them. Still want to wear those painful shoes? Why not just wear them for your pictures and then take them off so that you can actually enjoy your reception?

Host Too Much and Party Too Little

Feeling torn between catching up with all your guests and experiencing the party you’ve spent so much time planning? No one’s expecting a lengthy conversation with the bride or groom at their wedding … don’t feel guilty about dancing (and eating!) as much as you want!

Spend Time on Your iPhone

I’m 100% sure all of your friends and followers will forgive you for a day away from social media. Besides, your real friends and followers are with you, enjoying and liking the moment in-person!

Lose it With A Vendor

If you’re a smart couple you’ve hired a Day of Coordinator, so this won’t even be an issue. However, if you’ve decided to go-it alone on your big day keep your cool. If there is a vendor not performing their duties as agreed upon pull them aside and discreetly explain your annoyance, frustration, irritation. Or ask a close and trusted family member or friend to do it for you. Nothing more awkward than a “happily” married couple going crazy on their wedding day with their vendors.

Misplace Your Spouse

This day is about the two of you joining your lives together. It looks really awkward if you never spend a moment together at your wedding celebration (this isn’t a networking event, sorority or fraternity party). Know where each other is throughout the day, maybe even come up with a signal that let’s each other know when you want to join up to share a dance, drink or conversation. These moments make for great photo ops too!

Complain About Your In-Laws

It is never ok, and I do mean never, to speak ill of your in-laws in front of other people, especially at your wedding. I’m sure there are things about them that annoy or irritate you. No one is perfect. Not even you.

Watch the Clock

Your wedding day goes by fast enough without you keeping an eye on the time. Your vendors are responsible adults (hopefully) that know when their start an end of day is. If you’re really worried about the time and timing of your wedding then hire a day of coordinator to relieve that stress and anxiety so that you can be truly present and enjoying each minute of your wedding.

Getting Wasted

As mentioned before, your wedding day is not a fraternity or sorority party, it’s a celebration of your union and the life the two of you are starting together. Chances are you’re going to want to remember that, and you’re going to want your guests to remember that as well. So, stay classy and alternate your cocktails with glasses of H2O – you’ll be glad you did.

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