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9 Ways to be the Best Bride for your Bridesmaids

Having your besties by your side on your wedding day is essential!
The cost associated with being a part of your wedding is not.

best bride for your bridesmaids

Here are 9 tips on how to save your BFFs money while being the best bride ever (trust us – they’ll love you for it!

  1. Be Virtual – send ideas and inspirations via email, create a Dropbox file to share, or better yet, create a secret Pinterest board


  2. Mix n’ Match – give your besties a style or color of dress and let them choose their own. Allowing for options ensures each BFF is shopping within their means and has attire that suits their body type and personality!


  3. Flexibility – Having a lot of pre-wedding events and planning sessions? Be flexible with your expectations of travel. If your BFF can’t make it to a dress fitting or a shower you can always Skype or FaceTime her in!


  4. Bonding Time – Are any of your BFFs experienced with hair and make-up? Ask one of them to do it on the day of. It’s a great way to save all of you money and a great bonding experience!


  5. Practical Gifts –  Giving bridesmaids gifts? Give your girls something they can wear on the wedding day. Who says practicality can’t be pretty?


  6. Style Does Note Equal Expensive –   Instead of buying dresses that they may only wear once let your besties rent their gowns! There are so many online options out there that the possibilities are endless!


  7. Keeping Costs to a Minimum – Having a destination wedding or a weekend get-away for your bachelorette? Then consider booking an airbnb instead of hotel. You may not get room service but you’ll have an authentic experience and save all of you money!


  8. Matching Shoes are a Snooze – Let your bridesmaids pick their own footwear – they may already have something in their wardrobe that fits your wedding day perfectly.


  9. Share the Love – give each of your BFFs a specific wedding related job. It will keep your stress and overwhelm to a minimum and allow you to connect with each of them in a special way. They’ll feel appreciated and know that the time and money they’ve put into your special day is totally worth it!

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