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5 Ways to Create a Great Guest Experience at Your Maine Wedding

Your wedding day is just as much about your guests as it is about you and your fiancé.

Say what?

You’ve asked a select group of people to share in one of the most important and intimate events in your life, it’s only natural that they’ll be expecting not only a memorable day, but a day where they felt honored to share it with you.

Here are 5 ways to ensure they feel just as special as you and your fiancé.

5 ways to create a great guest experience at your maine wedding

Greet Them
As guests arrive for your wedding ceremony, make sure there is someone to greet them and welcome them with a smile and direct them were to go. This could be a member of your wedding party, a family member or close friend, or your day of coordinator. If you’re having a destination wedding oftentimes guests are traveling from afar, it might not be a bad idea to greet them with a glass of champagne or water.

Make a Lasting Impression
Guests typically remember the first and last things they see , hear, and smell at a wedding. Consider having a dramatic and beautiful floral arrangement or décor piece at the entrance to your ceremony, this could tease the guests in what to come. Everyone loves a gorgeous dramatic table arrangement, but guests need to be able to talk with the person across the table.  Make sure your arrangements are not blocking their view, otherwise that will be the only thing they remember.

Skip the Lines
Lines are lame and no guest likes to wait in line.  If there is a bar or food station, you must make sure there are enough servers to make sure they never need to wait. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer or bar tender how long it typically takes them to serve the number of guests you’re anticipating. If their answer seems like a long amount of time ask them how you could reduce the wait time. It may be as simple as moving the location of the bar or food station, adding additional stations or increasing the number of waitstaff.

Time it Correctly

If you’re having a sit down dinner at your wedding reception,  make sure no guests are eating the appetizers while others are having the main course.  Confirm with your caterer, or, better yet, have your day of coordinator confirm that your caterer hired enough servers, to serve everyone at once.

Create an Ambiance
There is nothing better to set a tone at a wedding then good music.  But there is no need to blast it all evening.  Give your guests a break with soft music while they are dining.

Whether you’re hiring a lighting company or not make sure either you or your day of coordinator does a light check. No one likes to have a bright light shining in their faces all evening, and the opposite of that is true too, no one likes being in the dark all evening.

Scents are also a great way to set the tone at your wedding.  You might want to have some wonderful scented candles at the entrance, lavender sachets for tossing, or potted herbs. However, I do not recommend having scented candles during your dinner service, you don’t want competing odors which could create a funky aroma.

There you have it, my 5 easy ways to ensure a positive guest experience at your  Maine wedding. Happy planning!

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