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An Easy Way to Choose Your Wedding Color Palette

When I was planning my wedding a common question I received from friends was “What are your wedding colors?”. I always wondered if people were genuinely interested or were secretly judging my choice. For those that know me, pink is not a color I often wear and it definitely does not appear in my home décor. However, pink is the color I chose for my wedding. After the “what are your wedding colors” question I would always get the “just pink?” question. Yes, just pink. Why? Because I wanted my wedding to convey a sense of beauty, softness and romanticism.

wedding color palette
Soft pink cherry blossoms were the inspiration for my wedding colors


Colors convey emotion and feeling. I agonized for weeks over what my colors should be and I looked at literally hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding pictures for color palette inspiration. After my experience I thought there had to be a better way, and there is.


Whether you’ve already decided on your wedding color palette or have no idea where to begin, I highly recommend the following technique: walk down the paint aisle of your local hardware store. It’s that simple. Paint chips are displayed from cooler to warmer colors horizontally, and softer to bolder hues vertically. Looking at the chips will instantly help you decide which colors you’re attracted to and which colors mix, match, and contrast in beautiful and bold ways.

Wedding Color Palette


If a trip to the paint store is out of the question, check out the In Color Balance Pinterset board, you’ll be glad you did!

wedding color palette
The perfect palette for a Maine wedding!

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