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How to Announce Your Engagement (properly) on Social Media

How to Announce Your Engagement (properly) on Social Media

A ring was purchased, a question was asked, an answer in sheer elation and joy was given and now you’re wondering how to announce your engagement (properly) on social media.

In this day and age of FacebookInstagram, and Twitter it’s more and more common for couples to announce their engagements via social media than in newspapers (good-bye printed words, we hardly knew thee). Here are 3 tips on how to announce your engagement (properly) on social media to ensure that those who need to know about your special and happy news actually see it!

how to announce your enagement (properly) on social media

“Engagements rarely happen by total surprise these days.”

Face-to-Face & By Phone – Even if you’re non-traditional, you should inform your families and other VIPs of your new status first and, if possible, do it in-person. Not only is this the most respectful way, but it will be more fun to see their full reactions (hopefully!). It also will help start your marriage off on the right foot, for both sides. The most personal and immediate way to tell the rest of your family and friends is by telephone. It’s probably not practical to call everyone, so, to determine who to ring up, ask yourself if the individual in question would be hurt if not contacted directly before announcing your engagement on social media.

Hire a Photographer – Engagements rarely happen by total surprise these days. Most modern-day couples have been together for a few years and the question is more of when not will it happen. So, with that in mind, as a couple, have a discussion before the actual proposal as to whether to have a professional photographer (or a friend with great photo-taking skills) present to capture the genuine feelings of the moment. Having someone present snapping photos (hopefully inconspicuously) is essential if you’re planning on using Instagram or Facebook as your main platform of announcing your engagement. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting few reactions to such important and exciting news due to a grainy, blurry, haphazardly taken photo.

“Post a good photo and be creative about it!”

Be Creative – Why not go for something a little more than a picture of a ring or the two of you? Try using scrabble tiles to spell out a sentiment, such as LOVE or FOREVER but replace the “o” in each with your engagement ring. Now, that’s a fun way to catch people’s attention! Or how about a picture of the two of you holding on to opposite ends of a short rope with a knot tied in the middle (tying the knot). Just make sure you’re holding onto the rope with your left hand (show off that bling!). Or, even a cute photo of the two of you holding Mr & Mrs coffee mugs or cocktail glasses are sure to get some reactions.

However you choose to announce your engagement on social media just make sure the nearest and dearest to you find out first and in-person, you post a good photo, and you’re creative about it.

The most important thing to remember is cherishing the memories and feelings of your actual engagement, not how many likes or reactions you receive from your announcement. Happy planning!

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