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Don’t panic, just keep planning your wedding!

As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough on its own, engaged couples and wedding professionals are feeling the extra stress and pressure of planning weddings and events with so many unknowns due to the COVID-19 virus.

At times like these, it’s the smallest actions that can have the greatest impacts on our lives and wedding plans. So, if you’re planning a 2020 wedding don’t panic, just keep planning your wedding! Here are a few tips for you to follow so that you’re proactively protecting you, your families and guests, and your wedding investments.

Don't panic just keep planning your wedding!

Don’t panic, just keep planning your wedding!

How to be proactive amidst the coronavirus

  • Stay informed by the CDC and WHO which have the most up-to-date information about the spread of the virus.
  • Practice good hygiene. It’s recommended that you wash your hands frequently and cover your mouth if you have to cough or sneeze. When using hand sanitizer, be sure it has at least 60% alcohol content. And, if you feel sick, stay home.
  • Communicate regularly with your guests. No one wants to put his or her family or friends in a risky situation. Couples should acknowledge the situation with their guests and communicate that they understand if guests choose not to travel.

“It’s the smallest actions that can have the greatest impacts on our lives and wedding plans.”

  • Create a Plan B. While the full extent and duration of precautionary measures of COVID-19 are unknown it is critical to create a backup plan scenario. Consider the following actions in helping you create a plan:
    • Review all venue and vendor contracts to determine cancellation, postponement, and refund policies.
    • Evaluate the event insurance policy that you (hopefully) have.
    • Discuss the financial obligations so that you can create a backup plan with the financial implications and venue/vendor rules in mind.
    • Reach out to your wedding planner or coordinator for their guidance.

A note on event insurance:

Event Insurance is an important detail that wedding couples should explore regardless if there is a threat such as the COVID-19 virus or not. Event cancellation insurance can help reimburse you for non-refundable deposits and expenses if you have to cancel or postpone the event due to unforeseen circumstances.

Coverage for cancelation or postponement due to the COVID-19 virus can be tricky. Here are a few questions to ask insurance providers:

  • What if someone in my family gets sick before the event? Would that be covered?
  • What if a governmental authority or the venue itself restricts the event?
  • What if we decide to cancel the event because of fear of outbreak or safety-related concerns of guests?
  • What if my guests are unable to attend the event?

Event Insurance Resources:

Markel Event Liability and Cancellation Insurance

Wedding Protector Plan

Without a clear understanding of what’s happening today, it becomes infinitely harder to predict what will happen tomorrow but please know that we’re all in this together.

Want assistance coordinating your wedding? Then drop us a line, we’d love to help!

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