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8 Locally Inspired Maine Wedding Favors

8 Locally Inspired Maine Wedding Favors

Oftentimes wedding favors get a bad wrap, which I don’t get.  Favors, if selected with thought and care, become cherished tokens with special memories for you and your guests. From pumpkin to pine, blueberries to buoys, there are lots of ways to give the gift of Maine at your wedding!Here are eight of my favorite locally inspired Maine wedding favors!

8 Locally Inspired Maine Wedding Favors

Balsam Sachets – These are great because Maine’s nickname is the Pine Tree state and these heaven scented pillows will remind your guests of the time they spent in Maine. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and double as Christmas ornaments or a nice token to keep in a dresser drawer. You can find them in specialty stores all over Maine.

Raye’s Mustard – If you’re a foodie this is a delicious Maine treat to gift your guests with. Since 1900 Raye’s mustard has been crafting small batch jars of stone ground mustard off the coast of Maine. With delicious flavors such as Chipotle Honey Mustard, Brown Ginger, and Maple Horseradish these little jars of tastiness with iconic Maine name’s like Downeast Schooner and Bar Harbor Ale are sure to add a bit of spice to your Maine wedding.

Buoy Art – Beth Doan, a Maine artist, creates some of the most beautiful, hand painted wooden buoy key chains and ornaments. Buoys are such a quintessential site off the coast of Maine that these little works of art will remind your guests of their time in Maine for years to come. Our favorite art of Beth’s are her hand painted lupine scenes – totally Maine!

Blueberry Jam – Growing up in Maine we’ve eaten our fair share of blueberries. Maine is known for the tiny, low bush, wild variety of blueberries as opposed to the highbush variety, which is often what you buy in the grocery store. The low bush (or ground variety as I call it) makes for a sweet treat (IMO)! Worcester’s Wild Blueberries offers a variety of blueberry jams in small, easy to pack sizes – an excellent option for out of town guests!

Lavender – Glendarragh Farm creates some of the most beautifully scented (and looking) lavender products in Maine. From soap, to bath salts, sachets to culinary lavender all with lavender grown on their 26 acre farm in Appleton. Providing any one of their offerings will add an elegant and refined touch to your wedding! I’m a fan of their Lavender, Epsom salt foot soak!

Chocolates – The Island Candy Company is an old-fashioned candy shop located on the coast of Maine on Orr’s Island. Their handmade confections of truffles, brittles, fudge and more are mouth watering to behold and even more delicious to eat! Some of our favorites include their blueberry buttercream and apple caramel truffle – D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

One Pie Pumpkin – Having a fall wedding? Why not create a little pumpkin pie kit for your guests? One Pie Pumpkin is a canned, pumpkin puree originally produced in Maine and considered the (unofficial) pumpkin pie filling of New England. I find it quite charming that their label hasn’t changed in the past 50 years. Pared with a little packet of spice, you have a savory, unique and memorable wedding favor.

Maine Maple Syrup – This liquid gold treat is something Mainers look forward to every spring, we even have a whole Sunday devoted to it every March!  Whether you opt for the little plastic jugs, or the small maple leaf shaped glass vile of this delicious syrup your guests will be thinking of you every time they have pancakes. J

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