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What You Need to Know Before Selecting Your Maine Wedding Vendors

It’s easy to dive right into wedding planning and start emailing florists, photographers, and venues. After all, you two are so excited to start planning your Maine wedding! Before you hit send on another email – stop yourself. There are some key pieces of information you need to have before you start talking to wedding vendors. Read on to see what you need to know before selecting your Maine wedding vendors (you’ll thank me later!).

Maine wedding vendors

Make a Budget – You need a basic idea of your overall budget and how that will be distributed among vendors. Having this will save you from inquiring or booking a wedding professional that takes up too large a portion of your budget and having to skimp on other areas.

Pick an Aesthetic – Start thinking about your wedding style or personality and start researching Maine wedding vendors that fit those characteristics. If you are laid-back and relaxed or more formal choose vendors that compliment your style and work personality.

Pick a Date – Determine a date for your wedding. Even if you don’t know the exact date (this is oftentimes dictated by the venue and its availability), the approximate time of year is very helpful as this will guide many subsequent decisions in the wedding planning process. This is especially important when planning a Maine wedding, as many venues are seasonal or book fast during peak wedding season in Maine (May-October).

Guest Count – Creating a guest list is essential! The number of people you intend to invite determines how much you will need to spend and on what aspects of your wedding. The number of intended guests also can inform you of the size venue you’ll need to book. There’s nothing worse than booking a venue that either can’t accommodate all your guests, forcing you to pare down your invites or dis-invite some people (awkward), or booking a space that is too large and makes your wedding feel empty (awkward in its own way).

Determine if You’re Going to Hire a Planner or Coordinator – “If you’re going to hire a professional Maine wedding planner or wedding coordinator make that decision early! We take the guesswork out of a lot of decisions and have a wealth of information and years of experience going through this process (if you’ve chosen the right one!). Tap into their knowledge and allow them to assist in recommending and securing your vendors. If you go this route, hire a professional that knows who will be best suited for your overall style and theme of your wedding and who will fit within your budget.

Have an Idea of your Wedding Venue – Your wedding venue will probably determine a lot of other decisions about your special day so it’s important to book that before you reach out to a lot of other Maine wedding vendors. Venue selection really is one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning process and helps allow for everything else to fall into place!

Know the Scope and Timing of Your Wedding  – This refers to how much work will your Maine wedding vendors be doing and how quickly. A wedding for 50 people at a stand-alone venue, will have different requirements than a wedding for 200 people in your parent’s backyard. This goes for timing as well! Depending on how fast your wedding date is approaching, some Maine wedding vendors may need to bring on additional staff to cover the workload. You’ll want to have a clear idea of what your venue’s needs will be, as well as any restrictions and present those to potential vendors ASAP.

Clarify Your Interaction and Communication Style – Whether easygoing or formal, clarify how you want to interact with your Maine wedding vendor team; understanding what will help you feel comfortable on your big day will go a long way in choosing the right Maine wedding vendors.

Know What Matters to You Both – The cost for every Maine wedding vendor, from your florist to your planner, to your photographer will vary greatly. Figure out what matters to you and allocate your budget accordingly. So, if having an enjoyable, stress-free wedding day is important to you both, hiring a coordinator may be more important than renting luxury linens.

Prioritize Your Vendor Selection – The list of wedding vendors you should focus on in the beginning are those who are the product you are purchasing and therefore, can only be in one place at a time i.e. a wedding planner/day of coordinator, photographer, videographer, band or DJ, officiant. Once you have those decisions behind you, it is much easier to move on to Maine wedding vendors who may still take a limited workload, but can manage more than one wedding per day, i.e. florist, caterers, bakeries, etc.

It’s so easy once you’ve found each other, have the ring and said yes to get swept up in the whirlwind that is wedding planning. By using these handy tips you’ll be better prepared in your vendor search. Good luck and happy planning!

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