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Have More Flowers at Your Wedding for Less Money

“We want to have lots of flowers at our wedding but we can’t afford it” is a phrase that we’ve heard a lot. Oftentimes couples say this because they don’t know the hows and whys of flowers. Here are some tips on how to stretch your dollars to get more flowers for less at your wedding!

Order in season flowers – This means choosing flowers that are abundant for the time of year you are getting married. Because the flowers are in season, they’ll be less expensive than choosing a flower that is out of season. Not sure what flowers are in season in your area? Here’s a basic overview to help you out.

Be open to flower substitutions – what we mean by this is, for example, you want peonies for your wedding but they’re out of your budget. Substituting a different flower that has a similar look to a peony, such as ranunculus, could save you a lot of money and give your floral arrangements the same style and feel as a peony would.

wedding flower tips
wedding flower tips


Variations on a theme – This means using the same types of flowers for multiple purposes. Most florists order their flowers from wholesalers and have to buy multiple stems of each flower, not individual stems. By choosing a few core flowers for your arrangements and bouquets, you’ll actually get more flowers for your money than using different or individual flowers for all of your arrangements, and a cohesive look.

Wedding flower tips
Two arrangements that use the same core flowers in the design
wedding flower tips
Designs by Raechel Clewley


Use Greenery – Greenery which is typically used as a filler enhances and adds variation to arrangements and bouquets. There are so many types of greens – ferns, herbs, evergreens, kale, seeded eucalyptus, lily grass – the list goes on-and-on! Whether you’re looking for fresh and modern, or whimsical and dreamy floral designs, adding greens will elevate your wedding flowers to the next level for not a lot of money.

wedding flower tips
This arrangement uses seeded eucalyptus as the filler.                                Design by Raechel Clewley

When choosing your wedding flowers, keeping the above tips in mind will not only save you money, but will give you the flower-filled wedding of your dreams!

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