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Outdoor Wedding Essentials

Outdoor weddings in Maine are always gorgeous, no matter the backdrop. Whether your venue is the family farm, the coast of Maine, an idyllic apple orchard, or the iconic Maine woods here a few outdoor wedding essentials every Maine wedding should include!

Outdoor wedding essentials

  • Bug RepellentDon’t be fooled by Maine’s natural and alluring beauty. The great out-of-doors is abundant with little pests that can make your wedding day miserable for both you and your guests. Make sure to provide bug repellent for your guests and make sure they know to avoid wearing perfume.
  • Citronella – Another great way of keeping the bugs at bay is burning citronella candles. These can be easily incorporated into your table decor. Worried about that citronella-y smell? Don’t worry! There are lots of citronella candle options on Amazon!
  • SunblockEven on gray summer days in Maine it’s easy to get a bit of a burn. Make sure you’re wearing some type of SPF protection, there’s nothing worse than realizing you appear redder than a boiled Maine lobster in your wedding photos. You also might consider providing your guests with some Banana Boat as well!
  • Lighting I cannot stress the importance of this one enough! Just because you’re getting married outside chances are it will get dark before your party is over. It’s important that you illuminate not only where there party is happening but illuminating any walkways; this includes to restrooms, parking lots, etc. If for some reason your budget or venue prevents you from adding additional lighting to these areas have a little basket of flashlights for your guests to use as needed.
  • Water Even on cool days it’s easy to become dehydrated, even easier when the spirits are flowing! 😉 Make sure you and your guests are staying hydrated by having bottled water or water stations (this option is a great “green” addition to any wedding!) available throughout the day.
  • Portable Restrooms – You may be scratching your head at this going “duh”. I’m not talking about port-a-johns, I’m talking about comfort stations. These are especially necessary if your venue doesn’t have indoor restrooms. Trust me on this one, your guests will be impressed and thank you, and you’ll be comfortable too!
  • SunglassesWhile I don’t consider this an essential it’s a nice little touch for your guests, especially if you’re ceremony is out in the open or they’ll be facing the sun as you say “I do”.

So there you have it, the must-have essentials at any outdoor Maine wedding!

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