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Should you tip your wedding vendors? Wedding questions answered!

Should you tip your wedding vendors? Surprising answers from a Wedding Pro!


Tapping into my former career in theatre: to tip or not to tip; that is the question!
A question that I receive from most of the couples I work with is: “what is proper etiquette regarding tipping my wedding vendors?”

In the world of weddings, there are no hard and fast “rules” regarding tipping. Tipping is a form of gratuity which means you are showing you are grateful for something. So, if you feel one of your vendors or service providers has gone above and beyond, then, by all means, express your thanks with a little extra green or a gift.

tipping wedding vendors

 Tipping is a form of gratuity which means you are showing you are grateful for something.

Keep in mind the following when considering tipping:

  • Check with your service providers first to determine whether gratuity has been included (this is common with venues, caterers and bartenders)
  • Everyone tips differently
  • Tips are never expected (but always appreciated)
  • Tips don’t have to be cash – As a small business owner, I can tell you that it’s nice to receive a tip but a note of thanks goes a long way! This can take the form of a handwritten note as well as reviews on business listings on Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google, Facebook, etc. I have every thank you note Raechel and I have ever received from a couple and will keep them until we’re old and gray.

Positive and thorough reviews (to me) are even more exciting to receive and go a long way in attracting new clients. Plus, reading through them is a great reminder as to why the work we do is so special. 🙂

Positive and thorough reviews are even more exciting to receive

So, with all that being said here is a cheat sheet of how to handle gratuities (in my opinion).


Suggested Amount

Optional or Standard

Can we give a gift instead?
Catering Cooks $25 each ($100+ for the Chef) Standard Nope.
Catering Managers / Lead Captains / Banquet Managers $200 each Optional Sure!
Delivery Persons / Setup Team (don’t forget Florists!) $5-$10 each Standard Nope.
Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists 20% of the total fee Standard Nope, unless they’re independent business owners.

Musicians / DJs

$25-$60 each Optional Nope
Officiant (including those provided by houses of worship) $40+ Optional Yes, if it’s a friend or clergy member. You can also consider a donation to a clergy member’s discretionary fund, if appropriate.
Photographers and Videographers $100+ Optional Sure!
Transportation Drivers $25-$50 each Standard Don’t even think about it.
Waiters / Bartenders $25 to $65 each ($50+ for the head bartender if there is one; $150+ for the head waiter) Standard Nope.
Wedding Planner / Coordinator $50-$150 Optional We love gifts and/or handwritten notes and reviews!

So, there you have it – my thoughts on tipping your wedding vendors! As you’re considering tips for your big day remember: there are no rules and kind words paired with thorough reviews go a long way!


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