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3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as an Engaged Couple

Valentine’s Day is one of those subjective holidays: You’re either really like it and want to celebrate it or you don’t want to deal with all the candy, flowers and other crap associated with it. Chances are as an engaged couple you’re feeling a bit drained on the love and romance departments, given all of the wedding related plans and details you’re deciding upon. Have no fear, here are 3 simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple.

celebrate valentine's day as an engaged couple

Go on a Wedding Hiatus

Agree to not talk about your wedding or wedding plans for one full day. This will help relieve any tension between the two of you about the wedding but also rejuvenate your planning mojo.

Schedule a Photo Shoot

When you are in love it shows. Why not capture that love in a photo? Valentine’s Day is a great day for manifesting your love and a fun couple photo shoot is a great way to commemorate what may be your only Valentine’s Day left before your married life begins.  Personally, when I think of Valentine’s Day I think of Julia Child. Julia, and her husband Paul, were famous in their group of friends for their somewhat saucy, yet cute, photo cards they would send. Here are some great Julia inspired photo ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

De-stress & Decompress

Between work, wedding planning, and family commitments chances are you’re both feeling a little tense. Relieve that by scheduling a couples massage, going out for cocktails,  or staying home ordering take-out, and watching Netflix in your jammies. Any of these ideas are a great way to reconnect and focus on what’s important; the two of you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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