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6 Summer Wedding Flower Options (that you’ll love!)

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we can wear white again (who made that rule, anyway 🙄) and summer has officially started (even though it’s still a month away according to the calendar – but who’s counting? 🙋) that means it’s the start of one of the best seasons in Maine for wedding flowers -summer!

summer wedding flowers

Here are a few of our favorite flower options and why we like them!

6 Summer Wedding Flowers

  • Garden Roses – They are in a league of their own when compared to standard roses (the kind most commonly found at grocery stores). They’re similar in style to peonies with their abundance of ruffled petals but without the expensive price tag! They’re available in an incredible array of colors, from [insert name with link] to the [insert descriptor with name of variety]. If you’re looking to add a hint of romance, elegance, or boho whimsy to your summer wedding, then garden roses are a great choice!
  • Anemones – With their bold black centers, anemones are a stunning addition to any type of flower arrangement. We like them because a single bloom can be quite the statement piece in a bouquet or table arrangement! Their delicate, yet lush, looking petals soften their overall look. Available in a variety of colors, ranging from an intense magenta, red, or hot pink, to the more subdue tones of purple, blue or white, Anemones are a very versatile summer wedding flower!
  • Peonies – Referred to as the “King of Flowers” in some cultures, can be quite the show stopper in your arrangements. They have very large blooms consisting of layers of soft, ruffled petals. Peony blossoms range in size from 4”-5” in diameter and come in a variety of shades including pink, white, coral-y creams and sometimes a deep burgundy color. They even have awesome variety names such as Sarah Bernhardt, Shirley Temple and Pink Sherbet – how fun/awesome is that?
  • Snapdragons – These stalky beauties are an elegant choice for adding height and texture to any floral arrangement at your summer wedding. They naturally have a slight curve which softens their look and adds a touch of whimsy. Available in variety of colors and hues, from lavender to hot pink, orange to white, snapdragons are an excellent choice for any style of summer wedding.
  • Protea– When we think of the word unique the first flower that comes to mind is a protea. Their blooms, almost architectural in nature, with their rigid and layered petals (similar to an artichoke) give way to a supple, sea-urchin like center. To incorporate these one-of-a-kind flowers into your summer wedding flower décor.
  • Seeded Eucalyptus – While technically more of a green than a flower Seeded Eucalyptus is probably one of the trendiest floral elements at weddings. A favorite among couples for its soft green hues, unique texture of its seed pods, and flowing effect. Seeded Eucalyptus is available year round and it’s a nice addition to summer wedding flowers for the laid-back and relaxed feel it evokes.

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