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Traditional Weddings vs. Wedding Traditions

traditional weddings wedding traditions

When I first meet with and talk to prospective clients at some point during our conversation I ask them to describe the style and feel of their wedding to me. Most of my couples use the phrase “non-traditional” but as they begin describing their wedding style and the plans that they’ve made, it turns out that their wedding usually isn’t so “non-traditional” after all. It’s at this point during client conversations that they begin to feel sheepish or disappointed that their wedding doesn’t sound as non-tradtional as they thought it was.

This is also the point in our conversation where I say “that’s ok – I get where you’re coming from!

Just because you want to wear a white dress, dress your bridesmaids alike, or toss a garter and bouquet at your reception it doesn’t mean that your wedding is traditional. Far from it! It means that you’ve chosen to celebrate some very time-honored traditions at your wedding that have significant cultural and historic meanings. Which is super cool in my book!

Over the next few weeks I’ll go more in depth into the history of weddings; why the bride hasn’t always worn white and when exactly “diamonds are forever” became a turn of phrase synonymous with engagement rings. You’ll discover how wedding traditions are cyclical – what’s old is new again and vice versa. Most importantly you’ll learn why if you’ve chosen to incorporate any of these tried-and-true traditions into your wedding it doesn’t mean you’re a traditional couple (and there’s nothing wrong if you are!) it’s just a reflection of who you are as a couple and what these traditions mean to each of you.

Make sure you check beck throughout the month you won’t want to miss a single piece of wedding tradition trivia – there will be a quiz at the end (maybe)!


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