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Day of Coordination for Maine Weddings

You’ve started planning your Maine wedding, you’ve selected the perfect venue, are anxiously awaiting your first dress fitting and you know how you want your wedding day to look and feel. With all of these plans in place you’re starting to realize that there will be a lot of moving parts to your wedding day and you’re beginning to worry and stress about how all of the details will come together. You want your wedding day to be a laid-back and fun occasion that you and your fiancé can enjoy and look back on with great memories, not one where you’re constantly being asked questions by your vendors and stressing about the details.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll handle all of the details so you can:

  • Enjoy every moment of your wedding day in a state of bliss, not stress

  • Not worry about whether your vendors have arrived on time

  • Spend time with your family and friends celebrating you and your fiancé

  • Have peace of mind that all of the details have been attended to

  • Enjoy that glass of wine/beer/champagne on your wedding day!

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“Knowing all the work this amazing team did, and acknowledging all they did to put fires out that we never had to see, we have to say that not only are Day of Coordinators necessary to your peace of mind, but these ladies know exactly what they are doing to make your day the best.”
Becca P. – Bride


day of coordination for maine weddings

Our Services Include:
On the day of your event 2 coordinators will be in attendance; one to focus on the set-up and prep of your ceremony, while the other focuses on the set-up of your cocktail hour and reception sites. Each coordinator will be on site up to the the cake cutting or 8 consecutive hours (whichever comes first) to ensure your wedding day is laid-back and stress-free .

  • Complimentary 1 hr. consultation to make sure we’re the right fit for you
  • Attendance and management of the event rehearsal so that everyone involved in your wedding ceremony knows where they’re supposed to be and when without you having to tell them.
  • Contacting and coordinating all logistical needs between vendor(s) and event locations prior to and on event date so that you don’t have to stress and worry about these details.
  • Creation and distribution of wedding day timeline and contact sheet. This ensures all of your vendors are on the same page and know when and where to arrive and who to contact (us!) if they have any issues.
  • Supervision of event set-up and vendor deliveries – this way the portable toilets won’t set-up by the caterer and vice versa!
  • Serving as day-of contact for all vendor, location and last-minute needs. You don’t need to be worrying about these details on your wedding, that’s our job.
  • Attendance of wedding party photos. We’ll ensure your photographer is capturing all of your desired shots, wrangle relatives/bridesmaids/groomsmen who (inevitably) wander away, and we’ll make sure you won’t miss all of cocktail hour or your entrance into your reception.
  • Ensuring any and all hiccups are dealt with in an appropriate manner.
  • Delivery of final payments to vendors, if required, so that the party doesn’t stop!
  • Peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your wedding day!

Starting at $2200



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